Theme: Technical

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Theme: Technical

Hunting Robots: Rapid creation of a mobile/iBeacon app

Realistically we shouldn't even have tried to build it. We had two months, including a holiday period to create ( from scratch ) an interactive mobile app game for a conference, using technology none of us had even seen before.

We did it though!

We designed, learned, prototyped, developed and submitted ... taking a raw concept to the iTunes and Play stores, and ultimately into the phones of our contestants - in less... more »


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Theme: Technical

DevOps for the Cloud

To realize the potential in your Cloud you want a solution that enables you to continuously deliver new capabilities to users as fast and efficiently as possible through automated builds, continuous integration, test and deployment automation . You want to be able to create a repeatable, reliable and incrementally adjustable process for taking software from concept to customer.


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Theme: Technical

If statements are evil!

If statements are one of the first programming constructs we learn - so they feel very natural, in fact, they seem essential.

But more often than than not, the simple 'if' statement signals a missed abstraction or a missing class. I will show how viewing 'if' statements through the lens of SOLID design principles can lead to refactored code where the 'if' statements almost magically disappear. And the resulting design... more »


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Theme: Technical

Continuous Delivery In A Microsoft Desktop Application Environme

In this lightning talk, Craeg Strong describes a Continuous Delivery/DevOps implementation for a mission-critical Criminal Justice system running Microsoft .NET technologies. While Continuous Delivery has made inroads for web-based applications, it is relatively new and unfamiliar for traditional Microsoft desktop applications. The talk will describe how the starting technology stack (TFS, TFSBuild, File System, SharePoint,... more »

Theme: Technical

A perfect match: Agile principles and the 12 Factor App

Elegantly decoupled, scalable, and easy-to-deploy applications are the hallmarks of a '12 Factor App'.

The 12 Factor App approach technically empowers corporations to deliver new features or content with speed and confidence.

Big corporations, are mimicking startups by transforming their business in the 'cloud'. Not just with their technology, but with their whole team approaches - technical and non technical.

This... more »

Theme: Technical

Solving the global debt crisis - technical debt that is.

Our world is awash in technical debt. This is a tough problem and one that will at some point, if it hasn't already, result in catastrophe.

As an agile coach and trainer I spend a large amount of time and effort helping people unlearn poor programming practices. And many of these poor practices were framed as 'best practices' when they learned to code. This is wasteful.

I want to share my ideas on how to solve this.... more »

Theme: Technical

Introduce My Favorite Agile Estimation Tool for Distributed Team

It would be better if we could provide story estimation in person, but in most situations we have to do that remotely. We also tried Playing Poker online, but we did not favor the tool. In this talk, I want to share with you an effective way to provide story estimation online by using free Google tools. Our team loves it. I would love sharing with you all so your team can have a fun as well.

Theme: Technical

Developing, Fast and Slow

One of the daily challenges we face as developers is staying focussed on the problem we are trying to solve.

A solution came to me from a book by a Nobel Prize winning psychologist Daniel Kahneman: we have to increase our thinking stamina by automating everything that adds cognitive load.

With this quick talk I will take you through some of his ideas on how the mind works, and then share my views on how they apply to... more »

Theme: Technical

Accelerate App Delivery with Enterprise Strength Hybrid Cloud

A Hybrid cloud should be an off-premises extension of your datacenter, allowing easy movement of workloads between them without changes to the application or architecture. You don't want to be stuck in one environment as needs and requirements change. We'll talk about best practices for developing and testing off-premises, and then migrating the workload back into your datacenter for production.