Theme: People

How FACTUAL Are You? Scaling Agile Demands That You Are!

Lean-Agile organizations that have demonstrated success at scale share a common set of key characteristics. These characteristics are tied to the adoption of Lean and Agile Values and Principles. This lightning talk introduces the FACTUAL framework which I've used successfully coaching organizations in scaling Agile for the past four years. The framework provides a light weight approach for leaders and change agents ...more »


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Theme: Technical

Solving the global debt crisis - technical debt that is.

Our world is awash in technical debt. This is a tough problem and one that will at some point, if it hasn't already, result in catastrophe. As an agile coach and trainer I spend a large amount of time and effort helping people unlearn poor programming practices. And many of these poor practices were framed as 'best practices' when they learned to code. This is wasteful. I want to share my ideas on how to solve this. ...more »


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