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Theme: Process

How to be a Lean Startup in an Enterprise

Be a lean startup in a big organization? Sounds like an oxymoron, right? Yet to stay alive in today's transparent and interconnected world, big organizations must be lean. Let's talk about practical solutions to help your team get ideas to customers fast, learn, fail fast and pivot before you make it a production solution -- like a lean startup has to do."
In this talk, Kelli Houston, an Agile Transformation Lead at IBM,... more »


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Theme: People

Living an Agile Life

Change happens to us all the time. Normally, it happens so slowly that we don't particularly notice. Sometimes the change happens so quickly that we do notice.

My life changed in September 2009. With sudden hearing loss and constant vertigo, my life took a sudden turn. I learned to ask for help; to accept that I can’t control everything; to see the current state so and to envision where I want to go. I adapt how I work,... more »


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