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Theme: Process

Implementing Continuous Delivery – the Agile Way

Continuous Delivery takes Agile to its logical conclusion – and thereby transforms the way software is delivered. CD allows organizations to be more agile and to innovate more rapidly by delivering better software, faster, and continuously.

Continuous Delivery involves all dimensions of your R&D and Operations organizations – consisting of Team Collaboration, Agile and DevOps practices, Continuous Integration (CI),... more »

Theme: Technical

Developing, Fast and Slow

One of the daily challenges we face as developers is staying focussed on the problem we are trying to solve.

A solution came to me from a book by a Nobel Prize winning psychologist Daniel Kahneman: we have to increase our thinking stamina by automating everything that adds cognitive load.

With this quick talk I will take you through some of his ideas on how the mind works, and then share my views on how they apply to... more »