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The Spine Model

OH: Implement this issue tracking tool and we will be Agile! Do Pair Programming and we will be Agile! We Did Agile at my last company and Agile Doesn't Work!

In this session I will explain the essence of the Spine Model (

Applying the Spine Model gets you very quickly out of the murky depths of arguing about tools and practices by providing a simple mental model that allows the real misalignments... more »


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Theme: Process

How to be a Lean Startup in an Enterprise

Be a lean startup in a big organization? Sounds like an oxymoron, right? Yet to stay alive in today's transparent and interconnected world, big organizations must be lean. Let's talk about practical solutions to help your team get ideas to customers fast, learn, fail fast and pivot before you make it a production solution -- like a lean startup has to do."
In this talk, Kelli Houston, an Agile Transformation Lead at IBM,... more »


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