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The Agile Principles Can't All Be P0! Gaining Agile Alignment.

We rank order our backlog, we rank order retrospective findings. Why don't we rank order the agile principles? Are they really all priority 0?
The Agile Principles 20/20 exercise is a simple team collaboration activity that will allow a team to agree on what is important in the use of agile. When conducted across an organization the results can then be used to foster conversation that can bring the organizations to better... more »


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The Power of "Politics" on an Agile Team

Organizational (or “office” or “workplace”) politics are no fun. And politics are everywhere - at least everywhere you find more than 3 people interacting. Worst of all politics can be a barrier to achieving business outcomes and personal fulfillment.


In this lightning talk I will reframe “politics” so you can harness the power of your Agile team and develop an environment of growth and achievement.


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What a Nobel Prize Economist Can Tell Agile Teams

Elinor Ostrom was awarded the 2009 Nobel Prize for Economics for her eight design principles for sustainably managing shared resources.

These principles have since been successfully applied to self-organized governance systems to create effective communication, internal trust and reciprocity,

This talk will show how these principles can be applied self-managing Agile teams to engage with enterprise stakeholders .... more »