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Jet Age Dogfights, the Dawn of Scrum

Thundering down the Yalu River Valley Mig-15s and F-86 Fighters would meet head on to battle for the sky. The valley became know as MiG Alley and is considered the birthplace of jet fighter combat. Within the chaos of this arena a maverick named John Boyd emerged to forge the tactics and training that enabled survival in this new world of Jet Age combat. The simplicity of his tactics and methods are legend. They are... more »


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When they thought I had brain damage: The impact of expectations

For nearly 6 years, my family believed an oxygen deficiency at birth left me with mild to moderate brain damage. This created a environment of low expectations that took decades to overcome. Our expectations of others can have a critical impact on every aspect of life, but specifically, what does the way we manage our Agile teams say about our expectations?


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One Vision, One Product, Many Ways of Working

Do you have multiple teams using different methodologies developing one product? Do you find it challenging to support their ways of working while keeping a singular vision?

Combining Scrum, Kanban and Gantt is easier than you think. Multiple teams with different ways of working, pulling from the same backlog is a reality. This allows people to work the way they want, while managers always have an up to date view of... more »


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