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How FACTUAL Are You? Scaling Agile Demands That You Are!

Lean-Agile organizations that have demonstrated success at scale share a common set of key characteristics. These characteristics are tied to the adoption of Lean and Agile Values and Principles. This lightning talk introduces the FACTUAL framework which I've used successfully coaching organizations in scaling Agile for the past four years. The framework provides a light weight approach for leaders and change agents to help ensure that their decisions further the development of these key characteristics, rather than erode or destroy them.


F ocus

A ligned

C ollaborative

T ransparent

U nimpeded

A utonomous

L earning


The FACTUAL framework is a intended to be a companion to other Lean / Agile at scale frameworks in that it focuses on the human systems side of the challenge and not on the process, requirements management, and work artifact metrics and measures side.


Thank you for considering my Lightning Talk topic for Agile 2015. Hope to meet you at the conference!


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